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Riverside County Superior Court Judge

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Amy is a candidate for Superior Court Judge in Riverside County, Seat #4.
Raised in Riverside, Amy currently serves our county as a Senior Gang and Homicide Prosecutor with the Riverside County District Attorney's Office. She is also a proud mother, community volunteer, and citizen of Riverside. 

We Support Amy Barajas for Judge


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Mike Hestrin


District Attorney

"Riverside County needs judges who are tough but fair to ensure the public safety. In almost two decades with my office Amy Barajas has been a proven tough on crime prosecutor who has worked in the trenches of the criminal justice system to ensure just outcomes for all involved. I proudly endorse her for judge."

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Honorable Jaqueline C. Jackson

Riverside Superior Court

"It has been my privilege to know Amy for nearly 16 years. She is smart, fair, compassionate, dedicated, and highly qualified to serve the citizens of this country as a Superior Court Judge. Amy is a Riverside County native who is deeply passionate about serving this county. She spent her entire professional career as a public servant. I wholeheartedly endorse Amy for judge! There is no one better or more qualified to join our bench."


Larry Gonzales

Chief of Police

Riverside Police Department

"As Chief of Police I know first hand how important it is to have a public safety minded judge to ensure the safety of our city. As a gang and homicide prosecutor, who grew up in Riverside, Amy Barajas is exactly who we need on the bench."


Virginia M. Blumenthal

Defense Attorney /

Community Leader

"I proudly endorse Amy Barajas for Riverside Superior Court Judge. As a strong and knowledgeable female leader in the criminal justice system and Riverside native, Amy will bring unparalleled experience, insight, and perspective to the bench."


District Attorney Mike Hestrin

Public Defender Steve Harmon

District Attorney Rod Pacheco, ret.

District Attorney Grover Trask, ret.

Chief Investigator, DA's Bureau of Investigation - 

Joe Del Giudice

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco

Banning Police Chief Matthew Hamner

Beaumont Police Chief Sean Thuilliez

Assemblymember Jose Medina

Banning Police Officers' Association

Beaumont Police Officers' Association

Hemet Police Officers' Association

Riverside Police Administrators' Association

Riverside Police Officers' Association

County of Riverside Court Reporters' Association

Val Verde Unified School District Police Officers' Association

CA Senator Richard D. Roth

Riverside County Supervisor,

Chuck Washington

Riverside County Assessor,

Peter Aldana


Jose Medina

City of Eastvale  Councilmember,

Christian Dinco

City of Norco Councilmember,

Berwin Hanna, ret.
Riverside City Councilmember,

Jim Perry

Riverside City Councilmember,

Chuck Conder

Riverside City Councilmember,

Clarissa Cervantes

Riverside Mayor,

Ron Loveridge, ret.

Presiding Justice Manuel A. Ramirez

Justice Richard T. Fields

Justice Thomas Edward Hollenhorst, ret.

Honorable John M. Monterosso, Presiding Judge

Honorable Angel M. Bermudez

Honorable Steven G. Counelis

Honorable Samuel Diaz, Jr.

Honorable Michael B. Donner, ret.

Honorable Nick A. Dourbetas

Honorable Mac R. Fisher

Honorable Chad W. Firetag

Honorable Stephen J. Gallon

Honorable Jennifer R. Gerard

Honorable Danielle R.A. Gibbons

Honorable David A. Gunn, ret.

Honorable Kelly L. Hansen

Honorable Christopher B. Harmon

Honorable Helios Hernandez II, ret.

Honorable Jorge C. Hernandez

Honorable Timothy J. Hollenhorst

Honorable Harold W. Hopp
Honorable Jacqueline C. Jackson

Honorable Mark E. Johnson

Honorable Eric A. Keen

Honorable Lana S. Kim
Honorable Sean Lafferty

Honorable O.G. Magno

Honorable John D. Molloy

Honorable Russell L. Moore

Honorable W. Charles Morgan, ret.

Honorable Dennis McConaghy, ret.

Honorable Valerie A. Navarro

Honorable Gail A. O'Rane

Honorable Jeffery Prevost

Honorable Michael J. Rushton

Honorable Bernard Schwartz


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