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Community Involvement


Senior Deputy DA Amy Barajas was the keynote speaker at the Rape Crisis Center's Volunteer Recognition Dinner, where she spoke about providing hope and inspiration to survivors of sex crimes.
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Amy, an alumni, was the honorary commencement speaker for the graduating seniors of Notre Dame High School Riverside, where she offered a message of courage, strength and faith to an audience of hundreds. 
As the Trial Team Leader in the Domestic Violence Unit for two years, Amy proudly Took A Stand Against Domestic Violence! While in this assignment she prosecuted serious Domestic Violence matters including homicide and stalking cases.  She has always been a strong advocate and fought for victims' rights!
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Amy participated in the RCDDAA Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds and awareness for less fortunate children in Riverside.
Senior Deputy DA Amy Barajas was interviewed and participated in a recruiting video for Notre Dame High School. Amy has always noted how her Catholic education helped frame the person she is today. Throughout her career she has given back to the community she grew up in.  
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Amy participated in the Annual Victims' Rights Week Candlelight Vigil with her colleagues.
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