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Meet Amy


Hello Neighbor,

I am a proud first generation American. My parents both immigrated to the United States with the hope of achieving the American Dream.  My grandfather came to the United States from Mexico through the Bracero Program and was a hardworking dairy farmer for over 50 years. My mother and her family were the first Mexican family to move to her small town in Nevada. My father, a Greek immigrant, was an orphan at a young age and survived a hard life as a child. He moved to the United States as a young adult. He always worked hard for a better life. My parents met and opened their first restaurant business in the 70s.  Together they started from nothing and provided a great future for their children. 

​I am the oldest of three girls.  I grew up in the city of Riverside where I attended St. Francis de Sales Catholic School and Notre Dame High School.  Our lives comprised of family, church and work. We spent most our time at our family business, George The Greek Restaurant.  My parents worked 7 days a week 15 hours a day. I started working at the age of 6 by washing dishes and doing odd jobs. I was the first in my family to graduate from college and attend Law School.  Both institutions were close enough to allow me to drive home on weekends to work at the restaurant. I was raised to value hard work, family and giving back to my community.  That dedication to community and service has been at the forefront of my professional career.


As the only candidate that is a resident of the Riverside County, who is raising a family here, I recognize the need to find judges who have a vested interest in our community. I intend to use my many years of hands-on experience in the in the courtroom to enforce the law, ensure the safety of the public, and equal justice for all.

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