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Trusted . Dedicated . Experienced

Senior Deputy District Attorney Amy Barajas, grew up and lives in Riverside, which gives her a unique, first-hand understanding of challenges facing Riverside County families.  She joined the Riverside County District Attorney's Office in 2005 with a personal commitment to respect the law, public safety, and unwavering ethics and quickly advanced to a Senior Deputy District Attorney. Amy has a near perfect trial record in the courtroom advocating for victims for the last 17 years.


District Attorney Mike Hestrin has entrusted Amy to prosecute high profiled and serious cases including Political Corruption, Homicide, Gang, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse & Sexual Assault matters to verdict. Some of the most significant cases for Amy involve the youth who have been victimized.

As a prosecutor, Amy has always performed her duties in a manner that sought justice for victims, ensured convicted criminals are properly punished, and that the innocent are set free. 


Amy Barajas believes in equal justice under the law regardless of a person’s race, class, gender, or political affiliation.


Judicial and law enforcement communities strongly support Amy for judge, starting with Presiding Judge of Riverside County Superior Court, the Honorable John Monterosso, and over three dozen respected judges in the community.

Her unwavering commitment to equal justice for all is why both Riverside County’s District Attorney Mike Hestrin and Public Defender Steve Harmon support Amy Barajas for Judge.


They know Amy is qualified and ready to put her legal knowledge and experience to work on behalf of the people of Riverside County as a Judge that we can trust.


Amy Barajas has successfully prosecuted criminals for murder, sexual assault, child molestation, kidnapping, gang violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, bribery, embezzlement, and political corruption by government officials. A Judicial Officer is placed in various assignments throughout the county no matter their personal experience.  She has had the benefit of working in numerous assignments as a prosecutor that have afforded her the ability to work in various aspects of the law including Civil, Family and Criminal Law. It is with this background and experience attending the courts and prosecuting cases for almost two decades that she approaches her campaign for judicial office. 


In this election, vote for a Judge that is trusted, dedicated and experienced. Vote for Amy Barajas, Seat #4.

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